Fluid-Bag Flexi IBC container

Fluid-Bag FLEXI

Flexible one-way disposable container designed for long distance transportation.

Flexi Components

The Fluid-Bag FLEXI container consists of:


  • A) Stacking frame for use when stacking is required
  • B) Replaceable, single-trip inner container
  • C) Transport bag with 4 wooden poles
  • D) Wooden transport pallet.


Fluid-Bag FLEXI - a flexible and disposable IBC bag container

Fluid-Bag FLEXI (1000 or 900 l) is our one-way option intermediate bulk container, and includes a single-trip inner container, transport bag and wooden pallet.

The disposable inner container of the Fluid-Bag FLEXI is always clean, and there is no need for maintenance or washing. The bag is strong and durable to withstand handling and transport.

The outer transport bag and pallet can easily be disposed of, and expensive return freights of empty IBCs, totes or drums can be avoided altogether.



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Advantages with Fluid-Bag FLEXI

There are many advantages with our flexible and disposable IBC solution. Here are some of them that might interest you:

1. Low residue

Residue in a flexible 1000-liter container from Fluid-Bag can be as low as 0.5-1.0%. This is a result of stretching the bag and, when necessary, rolling of the inner container with the best discharge equipment.

This effectiveness means that you avoid unnecessary waste in your manufacturing process and can make the most of every drop of product.

2. Reduced carbon footprint

By choosing the right suppliers you can reduce your emissions within Scoop 3. Fluid-Bag's products have a low carbon footprint and can therefore help you reduce your overall climate impact.

Fluid-Bag FLEXI is the product of ours that has the lowest carbon footprint – and if you would like to know the values, please contact us and we are happy to share the third-party study.

3. Eliminate contamination

Fluid-Bag is a closed container system. Since the bag is flexible, there is no need to let air into the container, so you avoid the risk of particle, bacterial or moisture contamination.

The protective barriers in the inner container ensure the quality of your product. Get inspired by Petro-Canada and their use of Fluid-Bag flexible bulk containers for this reason.

4. No washing or re-conditioning

If you are looking for a disposable bulk tote or flexible container for bulk-packaging, Fluid-Bag FLEXI is the best option.

With Fluid-Bag FLEXI, costly and time-consuming cleaning and maintenance of rigid steel or plastic containers can be a thing of the past.

5. More free storage space

At Fluid-Bag we understand the value of saving space at your plant. In only 2.5 square meters, you can store 20 000 liters worth of Fluid-Bag containers.

Instead of investing in rooms or services for cleaning and re-conditioning, use your space in your production for more proactive needs.

6. No return transportation

With a disposable bulk IBC that is also flexible, planning and handling becomes easier – no matter if you have long transportation, or you would like to deliver your product to a narrow mining shaft.

Switch to Fluid-Bag and reduce both costs and pollution caused by return transport of empty containers.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Fluid-Bag FLEXI, our equipment for filling and discharging, as well as our references and previous cases.


Fluid-Bag FLEXI: What does it consist of?

  • Stacking frame for use when stacking is needed, for example in 20 ft standard containers.
  • Inner container a single-trip multilayer foil container surrounded by polypropylene fabric. Barrier foil according to liquid type. Equipped with top and bottom inlets/outlets for filling and discharge.
  • Transport bag of polypropylene fabric. Can be equipped with printing, such as logotype. The four wooden poles are ISPM 15 treated and stamped.
  • Transport pallet of wood, ISPM 15 treated and stamped.
  • Sizes are 900 and 1000 litres.
  • Weight is app. 36 kg (without stacking frame)


What industries are using Fluid-Bag's products?

Fluid-Bag's flexible IBC is a proven solution in many different industries, for example: Adhesives, Sealants & CoatingsAutomotive industryCosmeticsDrilling & OilfieldsFoodInkLubes & GreasesPharmaceuticals and more.

How to assemble a Fluid-Bag FLEXI IBC container

Watch this video to learn more about the Fluid-Bag FLEXI.


More about this flexible, disposable IBC

High quality IBC tote option

Safety always comes first at Fluid-Bag. Every inner container is inspected, and leak tested. We also offer different inner bags to suit your product; alternative liner combinations are available.

Effective use of material

In addition to the low carbon footprint, the Fluid-Bag is made with the minimum amount of packaging material; a standard 1000-liter inner container contains approximately 4.7 kg of plastic. Compared to other types of rigid intermediate bulk containers, the amount of plastic packaging used for a Fluid-Bag is significantly less.

Handling and Stacking

Fluid-Bag FLEXI is a flexible IBC that can be forklifted from all four sides and from two sides with hand trucks. Is also suitable for conveyor use. The filled containers can be stored on standard storage racks or floor stacked two high.

Delivery of Empty Containers

The inner containers are delivered in boxes of 20, 15 or 10 depending on model, and transport bags including poles in boxes of 20. Transport pallets in stacks of 20 (16).

Transport of Filled Containers

As other bulk liquid containers, the Fluid-Bag FLEXI containers can be transported by road, rail and sea. The 900 l version is used when stacked in standard 20 ft containers. It is recommended to use stacking frames and sliding plates for overseas freights.

For more information about Fluid-Bag FLEXI


Read the detailed product sheet about the FLEXI container or contact the Fluid-Bag sales team directly:

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