flexi w stacking frame

Fluid-Bag FLEXI

a one-way container designed for long distance transportation

Flexi Components

The Fluid-Bag FLEXI container consists of:


  • A) Stacking frame for use when stacking is required
  • B) Replaceable, single-trip inner container
  • C) Transport bag with 4 wooden poles
  • D) Wooden transport pallet.


The container you can ship and forget

Fluid-Bag FLEXI, a versatile and flexible IBC for long-distance transportation

Fluid-Bag FLEXI (1000 or 900 l) is our one-way option and includes a single-trip inner container, transport bag and wooden pallet. The disposable inner container is always clean, and there is no need for maintenance or washing. The outer transport bag and pallet can easily be disposed of, and expensive return freights of empty containers can be avoided altogether.

Fluid-Bag advantages

Fluid-Bag containers help you to reach the lowest residue levels on the market with product residues as low as 0.5%. Using Fluid-Bag containers means you avoid unnecessary waste in your manufacturing process and can make the most of every drop of product.

The Fluid-Bag is a closed container system. Since it is flexible there is no need to let air into the container, so you avoid the risk of particle, bacterial or moisture contamination.

The container gives you reliable protection, thanks to the excellent barrier characteristics, so the quality of the transported liquid always remains uniform. We offer different inner bags to suit your product: alternative liner combinations are available to meet specific needs.

Safety always comes first at Fluid-Bag. Every inner container is inspected and leak tested. The Fluid-Bag is made with the minimum amount of packaging material: a standard 1000 l inner container contains approximately 4.7 kg of plastic.

Read the detailed product sheet about the FLEXI container.