Efficient Greasing in Steel Manufacturing

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Lohmann is a global player as a manufacturer of high speed steel, tool sheets, special steel grades as well as wear-resistant specialty steels and heat-resistant castings.

High-performance grease for the lubrication of the complex machinery is discharged out of Fluid-Bag containers. Fluid-Bags support Lohmann in having an interruption-free production process by reducing the frequency and time of grease container changes by factor 5, compared to drums. Another benefit is the high discharging rate.

Discharging rate of Fluid-Bags at Lohmann up to 99 %

With the semi-automatic Discharge Roller designed by Fluid-Bag, the inner container is pulled up high and is squeezed between two rollers. Together with a suction pump, a discharging result of above 99 % average is reached.

Less packaging material and waste

Due to the low weight of the inner Fluid-Bag container of only 5 kg, Lohmann has to dispose a low weight, small amount of packaging, which benefits the environment and the balance sheet.


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