ExxonMobil, reference case

Discharge Roller with pump


GOLD - Grease One-Way Logistics and Distribution

ExxonMobil America, in keeping with their tradition of rigorous product testing, carefully evaluated the Fluid-Bag system for transportation of grease.

They found that the system preserves the original quality of their grease products – not only during transportation and storage, but also during discharge.

Field trials with Fluid-Bag containers

ExxonMobil conducted field trials with the system at various major industrial operations. These showed that the ExxonMobil GOLD system can produce substantial cost savings when compared to conventional totes and drums.

As a Proof of Performance Mr Brad Jeffries, Global Industrial Marketing Advisor, issued the following Letter of Recommendation:

"This flexible, yet durable IBC (intermediate bulk container) gives our customers the following key advantages:

  • Clean grease; since the closed system prevents contact with air (and contaminates) product quality is protected.
  • Cost savings; less product loss due to contamination; less waste and residual product; less labor associated with moving residual grease to a new drum; return freight costs are eliminated for returnable totes; no drum disposal costs
  • Ease of use; eliminates drum handling and related safety issues

Any company engaged in the production, packaging and distribution of viscous fluids will want to take a closer look at how the Fluid-Bag system will benefit you and your customers."

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Watch this video by ExxonMobil - advantages and set-up of the Fluid-Bag / GOLD bag system!


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