About Fluid-Bag

The customers’ application in the centre with complete logistic systems for efficient liquid handling

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Fluid-Bag is a Finnish company that manufactures flexible industrial bulk packaging solutions for liquids and semi-solids.

Our head office and main production is located in Jakobstad, Finland, but we also have offices in the USA and in Thailand, as well as international distributors and agents all over the world.

What we do

We study our customers’ applications carefully so that we can deliver complete systems and services for handling and transporting many kinds of liquids.

Put simply, Fluid-Bag ensures that your products are handled in the safest, most cost effective and ecological way possible throughout the production chain to the final end user.

Established in many different industries

Fluid-Bag’s container solutions are successfully used by major international players for products such as fruit preparations, bakery fillings, lubricants, greases, inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and adhesives as well as many other liquids and semi-solids.

If you would like to read more information about our products and what we can do for you, please go to the page Why Fluid-Bag or download our Buyers Guide.



Have you taken the time to evaluate your container system recently? 

  • Do you know how much residue is left in your containers and how much that extra waste costs you yearly? 
  • Have you considered that you could save storage space and return freight costs by eliminating empty rigid containers? 
  • Do you work with a high-viscous product that is tricky to handle?

We are experts at these kind of evaluations, and we know how to simplify and save costs in your production chain.

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