What to consider when choosing liquid bulk containers?

How to decide if you need IBC containers, drums, bag-in-box, totes or flexible packaging?

Here is a guide with the main topics you should evaluate when comparing different bulk packaging options 

When given the task of choosing a new bulk liquid container for your operations, many questions should be answered to get all the values taken into consideration. How efficiently can the packaging be emptied? Should it be single-use or reusable? How will it affect the environment? Can the packaging offer any added value to my customer?

This quick guide will help you along the way when deciding whether it is a rigid IBC, drums, totes, steel containers or perhaps a flexible packaging like Fluid-Bag that best suits your needs.

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 Bulk liquid container buyers guide


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Fluid-Bag FLEXI

The one-way IBC container with a wooden pallet 

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Fluid-Bag MULTI

Multi-trip IBC tank with a reusable steel pallet and transport bag