Toyota Manufacturing UK

Fluid-Bag Discharge System for Liquid Applied Sound Deadening at Toyota Manufacturing UK’s Burnaston Plant

Since 2007, four fully-automatic Discharge Roller units have been supplying sound damping materials to the vehicle manufacturing lines. The materials are delivered in Fluid-Bag MULTI containers. Previously the material was supplied in stainless steel totes with barrel press, which according to Steve Dale, Paint Shop Engineer Senior, had several downsides that Toyota Manufacturing UK has been able to redeem using Fluid-Bag’s container solution.

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Problems while using totes and barrel press

  • A long time taken to change to a new tote incl. cleaning time (56 min.)
  • Labour intensive system.
  • Excessive waste product left inside the tote (95kg).
  • Generates waste water product requiring on site treatment.
  • Very messy operation.
  • Unpleasant odour from waste water.
  • Suction pump blockages at the follower plate.
  • Poor customer support.

Advantages using Fluid-Bag MULTI and automatic Discharge Rollers

  • Time needed to change to a new bag: 10 min.
  • One person needed to change the bag (with pneumatic cylinder option).
  • Waste product per bag is reduced to approximately 30 kg.
  • No waste water product.
  • No mess. Clean and tidy supply room.
  • No odours.
  • Robust reliable equipment.
  • Excellent customer support and after sales service.

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