Fluid-Bag IBCs for the printing ink industry

Tidy and efficient offset ink handling

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Fluid-Bag provides a practical and reliable solution for offset inks. Fluid-Bag is a one-way solution. This is a huge benefit for printing inks, since they are often transported over very long distances. Costly return freights can be avoided altogether.

  • Flint Group: "Printing inks are imported in Fluid-Bag containers sent directly from the supplier in Europe and North America to customers in Australia. Flint Group changed over to Fluid-Bags to save one step in the logistics chain."

The Fluid-Bag is a flexible IBC tank containing 1000 liters / 265 US gal.

Since it is made of flexible polypropylene, it’s much easier to discharge the ink compared to rigid containers. The residue levels are much lower – as low as 0.5 % – which lets you use all of the ink you've paid for.

No mess, no waste

The ink can easily be discharged directly into mother tanks. The discharge operation is therefore much easier and cleaner compared to inks in drums.


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