IBC totes for logistics that make sense

Fluid-Bag's products consists of flexible IBC totes, that are an efficient container solution for viscous liquids and semi-solid products. The application scope is ranging from food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to lubricants, paint, ink, adhesives, silicones, coatings... and more!

The container itself is available in two sizes; 1000 or 900 liters (app. 265 or 238 US gallons).

Scroll further on this page to get to know our products, see some of our references and to visit the product pages for Fluid-Bag FLEXI (one-way container), and Fluid-Bag MULTI (multi-trip).

As a company, we operate with customers all over the world. Please book a meeting or email your questions, or describe your current situation, to solutions@fluid-bag.com. With 40 years in the filed of efficient logistics, we are happy to assist!

If you would like to read more information about our products and what we can do for you, please go to the page Why Fluid-Bag or download our Buyers Guide.



Experience the Fluid-Bag concept

Fluid-Bag containers are used in lots of different industries, for example to handle lubes, grease, ink, sealants, coatings and adhesives, but also for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toothpaste and many more.

We work closely with our customers to find ways in which our flexible IBC totes can improve and bring added value to daily manufacturing and logistics processes.

The solution is proven, since 1984.

Toyota Manufacturing UK Logo

"Since 2007, four fully automatic Discharge roller units have been supplying sound dampening materials to the vehicle manufacturing lines. The materials are delivered in Fluid-Bag MULTI containers" - Toyota Manufacturing UK


"We are using Fluid-Bags as quarantine containers for our ointments, but also for internal transport between production, store room and packing department. The flexible, closed, sterile and durable Fluid-Bag container offers us both product safety and good economy." - Bayer HealthCare, GP Grenzach Produktions GmbH

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"For 15 years, Purbond has been using Fluid-Bag MULTI and Fluid-Bag FLEXI for their high end 1-component PUR adhesive for delivery to customers. Today Purbond delivers their adhesives to the whole world." - Loctite Purbond

exxon download

"Any company engaged in the production, packaging and distribution of viscous fluids will want to take a closer look at how the Fluid-Bag system will benefit you and your customers." - ExxonMobil

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"Printing inks are imported in Fluid-Bag containers sent directly from the supplier in Europe and North America to customers in Australia. Flint Group changed over to Fluid-Bags to save one step in the logistics chain." - Flint Group


Time to challenge your existing container solution?

Our technical teams provide knowledge about liquid handling in Fluid-Bag intermediate bulk containers. They have experience of handling very challenging products in Fluid-Bag liquid totes, too.

We can help you find the right equipment and setup for your application and manufacturing environment. We manually check and guarantee the quality of each of our liquid totes, ensuring that a product packed in a Fluid-Bag IBC tote will reach its destination with the same quality as when it was first packed in the factory.


Read more about Fluid-Bag IBC totes:

Fluid-Bag Flexi IBC tote

Fluid-Bag FLEXI

The one-way IBC tote with a wooden pallet. Perfect for one-way transport. A true space-saver!

Fluid-Bag Multi IBC tank 

Fluid-Bag MULTI

Our multi-trip IBC tote option with a reusable steel pallet and transport bag. A flexible solution also for internal logistics.


Which bulk container for liquids should you choose? 

We have collected some tips for you in a handy guide, click on the image below to download!

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Short videos showing the use of Fluid-Bag liquid totes, take a look! 

Fluid-Bag FLEXI IBC tote assembly:

Fluid-Bag MULTI IBC tote assembly:

Fluid-Bag MULTI IBC tote dismantle and return:

Is it time to challenge your existing container solution?


Are you questioning your existing container solution? Book a video meeting to get a free consultation with a Fluid-Bag expert in liquid handling.

Let us know your goals, for example:

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Lower residue
  • Eliminate expensive washing costs
  • Prevent contamination
  • Gain storage space, and/or
  • Avoid return transportation of empty bulky containers.

Discover how Fluid-Bag can be the perfect solution for you!


FAQ, basic information about IBC totes

  • What are the dimensions of an IBC tote?

    IBC tote dimensions wary slightly depending on the model and geographic area. Generally speaking, in the US the standard 1000-liter IBC dimensions are 45” L x 45” W or 48” x 40”. In Europe most rigid plastic IBC totes are 1200 x 1000 mm, while flexible alternatives such as Fluid-Bag IBC totes are 1170 x 1150 mm. Plastic or cardboard bag-in-box containers come in different formats, but a typical size is 1140 x 1140 mm.

  • What is the weight of an IBC?

    Weights vary depending on the model, but as an example, common rigid plastic IBCs of 275 gallons or 1000 liters weigh around 65 kg when empty, and up to 1600 kg when filled. In comparison, a flexible Fluid-Bag IBC tote weighs only 36 kg when empty, including the pallet, and can be filled up to 2200 kg.

  • What is the capacity of an IBC tote?

    The most common model IBC tote can carry 1000 liters. Other models are also available, ranging from around 400 litres to 3000 litres.

    Fluid-Bag offers 900 and 1000 liter IBC totes.

  • What can be stored in IBC totes?

    IBC totes can be used for many types of liquid and semi-solid products, such as chemicals, raw materials, food ingredients, greases, lubricants, adhesives, paints, industrial coatings, cosmetics and pharmaceutical compounds.

  • What is an FIBC (flexible IBC)?

    A flexible IBC (FIBC) is a bulk container made of polypropylene plastic fabric. Other names are big bags, bulk bags or jumbo bags. FIBC containers are mainly used for transporting solid materials like powders and grains. In some cases a flexible IBC can also be used for liquids and pastes, as is the case with Fluid-Bag IBC totes. Flexible containers enable easier and more efficient logistics since they can be packaged very efficiently. Residue levels are very low, as the flexible IBC totes can be collapsed, stretched and squeezed.

  • What is an IBC tote?

    IBC tote means Intermediate Bulk Container tote. Other names for the same product are IBC tank, IBC or pallet tank. An IBC tote is either single-use or reusable. IBC totes are used for handling, transport, and storage of liquids, semi-solids, or pastes in bulk quantities. There are many types and brands of IBC totes on the market:

    - Totes with a rigid plastic outer shell and a metal cage
    - Steel IBC totes
    - IBC models with a rigid cardboard or plastic outer shell with a thin inner liner inside
    - Flexible IBC totes consisting of a flexible plastic outer shell and a strong inner liner that holds and protects the liquid inside.