IBC totes for logistics that make sense

Flexible container systems for handling and transporting bulk liquids

Fluid-Bag 1000 or 900 litre flexible IBC totes are an efficient container solution for liquid and semi-solid products, ranging from food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to lubricants, paint, ink and adhesives.

We work closely with our customers to find ways in which the Fluid-Bag IBC totes can improve and bring added value to daily manufacturing and logistics processes. Our technical teams provide knowledge about liquid handling in Fluid-Bag intermediate bulk containers. They have experience of handling very challenging products in Fluid-Bags, too.

We can help you find the right equipment and setup for your application and manufacturing environment. We check and guarantee the quality of each of our containers, ensuring that a product packed in a Fluid-Bag IBC will reach its destination with the same quality as when it was first packed in the factory.

Read more about Fluid-Bag Intermediate Bulk Containers:

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Fluid-Bag FLEXI

The one-way IBC tote with a wooden pallet

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Fluid-Bag MULTI

Multi-trip IBC tote option with a reusable steel pallet and transport bag


Which bulk container for liquids should you choose? 

We have collected some tips for you in a handy guide, click on the image below to download!

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Short videos showing the use of Fluid-Bag bulk containers, take a look! 

Fluid-Bag FLEXI IBC tote assembly:

Fluid-Bag MULTI IBC tote assembly:

Fluid-Bag MULTI IBC tote dismantle and return: