Cut product waste with always clean, single-use IBCs

Fluid-Bag containers for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

The ultimate protection for your valuable skin care products

Multi 2 inch ID 10450Fluid-Bag MULTI is a GMP compliant flexible IBC (1000 or 900 l) for liquid and semi-solid products in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Our customers typically use Fluid-Bags for skin care products such as ointments, creams, lotions and gels, as well as toothpaste and other types of liquid and semi-solid products.

Fluid-Bag is suitable for internal logistics as an intermediate container ahead of repacking into smaller packages, or for internal transports between production, storeroom and packaging department etc. The container is also approved for external transportation by road, rail and sea.

The Fluid-Bag is a unique container system that enables many possibilities for cost savings:

• The container remains sealed from filling to discharge > no risk of particle, bacterial or moisture contamination 
• Single use inner container > no cost or effort put to cleaning.
• Unrivalled discharge results (0,5% residue) > avoid product losses due to insufficient discharging methods
• Flexible container > simplified handling and transport, and reduced storage space.

The Fluid-Bag containers are produced in ISO 22000 certified facilities and can be irradiated to the necessary hygiene level for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

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