Cut product waste with always clean, single-use IBCs

Fluid-Bag pharmaceutical totes

The choice of bulk container can have a surprising impact on the efficiency of a manufacturing plant. We have listed 4 important topics to consider, and further below we explain how Fluid-Bag's pharmaceutical totes solve and improve these issues.

4 ways that bulk containers affect your manufacturing costs and efficiency

1. Residue left in the continer after discharge

Are you keeping track of how much product residue is left in your bulk containers after emptying them? The residue amount is unnecessary wastage that you could instead be filling into tubes and bottles and sell as a full prize product. Try calculating on a yearly basis what the retail value of the discharge residue equals to. You might be surprised at the potential for savings you could obtain, if you choose a container that is easier and more efficient to discharge.

2. Quality issues or contamination caused by containers

There is always a risk of contamination when opening the container either for filling or discharge. With rigid containers, air must be let in to be able to discharge the content, which might permit particles, bacteria, or moisture to get in touch with your product, and cause contamination or quality issues.

In the worst case you must throw away a batch, causing high wastage costs, just as mentioned in the previous point.

3. Container cleaning costs

Reusable steel and plastic containers need washing in between use and batches. The cleaning cycle consumers waters, energy, and detergents. If your site doesn’t have inhouse cleaning facilities, the containers must also be transported to and from a washing facility. This means added logistic costs, administration time and larger carbon footprint.

4. Storage space for bulk containers

Storage space is often a scarce commodity at many manufacturing sites. Rigid containers take up the same space whether they are full or empty, which of course demands more available storage space.

Consider what advantages you could obtain if you managed to reduce the storage space used for empty containers. Choosing a flexible container that can be dismantled you might be able to save even 90% storage space.

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The Fluid-Bag IBC is a unique pharmaceutical tote with many possibilities for cost savings

Multi 2 inch ID 10450Fluid-Bag MULTI is a GMP compliant flexible pharmaceutical tote (1000 or 900 l) for liquid and semi-solid products used in the pharma industry.

Exceptional discharge results (0,5% residue)

Since the Fluid-Bag is flexible, it can be squeezed during discharge to remove all the content inside. In comparison to a rigid container, the discharge result can be even 80% better for viscous products. This means you can use all the product you’ve manufactured and avoid unnecessary product waste.

Sealed container from filling to discharge

Since the Fluid-Bag is flexible, it’s inner container will “collapse” inwards as the product is being sucked out. Therefore, there is no need to let air into the container, so there is no risk of particle, bacterial or moisture getting in touch with your product, and you avoid any quality issues or contamination risks.

Always clean inner container Fluid-Bag Multi assembly video

The Fluid-Bag is made of recyclable plastic, and the inner container is used only once. You will always have a new, clean inner container, and there is no costs or effort put to cleaning. Water and detergent consumption are reduced, and unnecessary transportation to and from washing facilities is avoided.

Click here or on the thumbnail image to watch a video on how to assemble the Multi container.

Space efficient solution

Empty Fluid-Bags are shipped tightly packed in boxes; we squeeze in 20.000 liters worth of containers on only 2 pallet places. Great for the environment and smarter shipping for you.

Fluid-Bag MULTI dismantle video

When the Fluid-Bag MULTI is empty after use, the container is dismantled, and the reusable pallet and outer transport bag is stacked in a pile 7-10 high depending on the model. You will free up a lot of storage space in comparison to rigid steel tanks.

Click here or on the thumbnail image to the right to watch a video on how to dismantle the Multi container for return.

Guaranteed cleanliness with ISO 22000 and HACCP - IBC pharmaceuticals

Fluid-Bags are manufactured in ISO 22000 certified facilities, and we apply the HACCP system to ensure cleanliness and safety. If needed, the inner containers can be irradiated to the necessary hygiene level for the pharmaceutical industry.

IBC pharmaceuticals

Our customers typically use Fluid-Bag pharmaceutical totes for skin care and dermatological products such as ointments, creams, lotions and gels, as well as other types of liquid and semi-solid products.

Fluid-Bag is suitable for internal logistics as an intermediate container ahead of repacking into smaller packages, or for internal transports between production, storeroom, and packaging department etc.

The container is also approved for external transportation by road, rail, and sea.

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Fluid-Bag in the Cosmetic Industry

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