Fluid-Bag Discharge Solutions

Fluid-Bag equipment options for efficient discharge of liquid and semi-solid products

Here we present the most commonly used solutions for discharging Fluid-Bag containers.

If you need help to evaluate which equipment option would work best in your case, and in general if Fluid-Bag is a good container option for you, our Fluid-Bag experts are happy to help.




X Reel by Fluid Bag transparent image ID 72837

X-Reel by Fluid-Bag

In 2023, we announced the launch of our newest generation of discharge equipment, the X-Reel.


X-Reel uses a winding mechanism to extract the liquid from the 900 or 1000 litre IBC bag, using stretching and rolling force. This process minimizes residue left in the bag and ensures that the bag is emptied almost completely.


The closed system ensures that the discharge of the bag is done behind closed doors, promoting a good working environment. The machine is designed to work without electricity, with compressed air being the only requirement.

Additionally, very low amount of residue (as little as 0.5%) have been achieved with the X-Reel, making it an excellent choice for companies seeking to minimize waste and lower their carbon footprint.

The design of the X-Reel is compact and efficient, with a lower height than Fluid-Bag's other discharge equipment, making it an excellent choice for different industrial environments.

Read more: X-Reel by Fluid-Bag, Product page



Tau Xtractor by Fluid-Bag


The TAU XTRACTOR™ uses a new method for discharging grease and/or semi-solid liquids from Fluid-Bag’s flexible containers with benefits optimized for demanding heavy-duty work environments.


The device grips the inner container of the Fluid-Bag, twists it with great strength and forces out all the grease, leaving around 2 % residue in the bag, which is very low consider the viscousity.


The main objective of the machine is to assist the discharging process by ensuring that material is always being fed to the outlet of the bag.

The TAU XTRACTOR discharge mechanism is fully enclosed behind metal safety doors which protects it from unauthorized access during operation, damage to internal components and shields it from the elements. The whole unit is interlocked for safe use.

For more details, download the product sheet and visit the dedicated page of Tau Xtractor.


 Semi automatic Discharge Roller ID 2

Semi-Automatic Discharge Roller

The Semi-Automatic Discharge Roller is specifically developed for the rapid and efficient discharge of high-viscosity liquids in Fluid-Bags. Semi-automation reduces the need for supervision.


The machine stretches the container and the rollers help to clean the inside of the container foil. The Discharge Roller must always be combined with a pump, because it is the vacuum created by the pump that empties the container.


This versatile equipment can be incorporated into both new and existing production and packing processes. Residue levels after discharge are as low as 0.5-1%, depending on the liquid.

Gravity discharge of viscous liquids is impractical. The Fluid-Bag Discharge Roller, combined with a suction pump, makes the discharge of viscous products practical and efficient.

For more detailed information about the Semi-Automatic Discharge Roller, open the product sheet (pdf), or contact our team.


 Discharge Roller Automatic with safety cage

Automatic Discharge Roller

The Automatic Discharge Roller is designed for rapid and efficient discharge of high-viscosity liquids. Advanced automation minimises the need for supervision.

This machine can be integrated into both new and existing production and packing processes. Residue levels after discharge are as low as 0.5-1%.


The Discharge Roller stretches the inner container and the rollers help to clean the inside of the container foil. The device must always be combined with a pump,because it is the vacuum created by the pump that empties the container.

Inbuilt control systems make it possible to integrate the Automatic Discharge Roller with pump functions, as well as production and packing processes.


Warning lights operate when a container is in the final stages of discharge, to alert the operator to prepare for the installation of a new Fluid-Bag container.

The Automatic Discharge Roller is popular in many different industries, including pharmaceuticalscosmetics and such. Two discharge units can be operated in parallel, avoiding down-time during container changeover.

For detailed information about the Automatic Discharge Roller , read the product sheet (pdf), or contact our team of experts.


 Winding Device for Fluid Bag Multi

Winding Device Multi

The Winding Device Multi is used for easy and efficient discharge of liquids from Fluid-Bag Multi containers.

The device is mounted on top of the container poles and is very easy to use. The operator simply attaches the device to the top inlet of the Fluid-Bag inner container and winds the wheel to create tension. The tension stretches the inner container at the end of the discharge procedure, ensuring complete discharge with very low residue levels.

Winding Device Multi is a robust and cost-effective discharge solution made of electrogalvanized steel. The device does not require compressed air or electricity.


Stretching Station JPG ID 18342

Fluid-Bag Stretching Station

The Stretching Station is a versatile unit and can be used both to fill and discharge a Fluid-Bag. The Stretching Station is pneumatically operated and designed to stretch the flexible Fluid-Bag containers during the filling and discharge procedure.

It can be used for filling both low and high viscosity products through the bottom pipe of the Fluid-Bag container.

We usually recommend filling Fluid-Bag containers from the bottom, since there is no ingress of air, and so no risk of introducing particles, bacteria or other airborne contaminants.


The Stretching Station stretches the empty inner containers to its maximum length and positions the top and bottom valves to the correct position prior to the filling operation.

By using this unit you ensure that the containers are consistently filled to their maximum capacity. The Stretching Station can be positioned on a weigh scale for accurate filling to a pre-set weight or volume.

Low viscosity products can be completely emptied from Fluid-Bag containers by means of the Stretching Station.

For more information, read the Stretching Station product sheet (pdf).