Fluid-Bag containers and Loctite Purbond Adhesive System for Engineered Wood

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Loctite Purbond adhesive application with Fluid-Bag containers

For 15 years Henkel Engineered Wood has been using Fluid-Bag MULTI and Fluid-Bag FLEXI for their high end 1 component PUR adhesive for delivery to customers. Today Henkel Engineered Wood delivers their adhesives to the whole world.

Fluid-Bag Flexi and Multi

Henkel Engineered Wood has here listed the advantages of the Fluid-Bag container and which problems have been resolved with the help of Fluid-Bags:

Problem with other containers

  • Problems with discarding of residues due to high viscosity.
  • Large volume of empty packing at the production sites and at the customers’ site.
  • Insufficient barrier effect against moisture with some plastic packaging.

Advantages of Fluid-Bag MULTI and FLEXI

  • No shielding gas needed at the customers.
  • Possibility to fill the container without having any air buffer on top.
  • Ecological friendly: MULTI steel parts and outer layers can be reused; FLEXI wood parts can be used to produce electricity or heat.
  • Cost savings for return transport of empty packaging with MULTI because of the low volume.
  • Pleasing look, different to other technical raw material packaging – can be used as a marketing instrument.

Henkel Engineered Wood, part of the Henkel group, is a global manufacturer and supplier of one component moisture-curing liquid polyurethane adhesive systems for engineered wood. Under the brand LOCTITE PURBOND the company provides high-quality adhesive systems, competent advice from industry specialists, and dependable technology support.

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Henkel Purbond Adhesive for wood lamination

Production of Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber) using Loctite Purbond AdhesiveZurich Zoo, glulam Fluid-Bag and Loctite adhesives

The wood construction at the elephant house at the Zurich Zoo were built using Loctite Purbond adhesive, which was transported in Fluid-Bags.








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