Airtight protection for sensitive products

Fluid-Bag for Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings

The ultimate protection for sensitive products

Fluid-Bag Flexi and MultiFluid-Bag is a flexible IBC (1000 and 900 l) for transporting liquid and high-viscous products. The Fluid-Bag provides excellent protection for air and moisture sensitive products such as polyurethane glues, adhesives, sealants and silicones. Water based coatings and paints are also easily handled in Fluid-Bags. Automotive manufacturers use Fluid-Bag for rust protection waxes and liquid sound deadening products in their manufacturing process. Fluid-Bag MULTI is intended for frequent transportation and Fluid-Bag FLEXI is a one-way solution.

The Fluid-Bag is a unique container system that enables many possibilities for cost savings

The container remains sealed from filling to discharge, which means there is no risk of particle, oxygen or moisture contamination. The single use inner container eliminates all cleaning costs. With Fluid-Bag you use all of the product you pay for. Thanks to the unrivalled discharge results (0,5% residue), you minimise product loss due to insufficient discharge.

The flexible container allows simplified handling and transport as well as reduced storage space. The airtight container prevents quality problems caused by contaminated products. In the long run, you improve productivity and lower your costs for handling and discharging containers.

Read more about how Purbond Henkel, Toyota Manufacturing UK and Wacker Chemie are using Fluid-Bag's container system.

Download our whitepaper "The Silent Side of the Paint Shop" on how to optimize your liquid material usage and reduce costs in the paint shop.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our flexible container solution can help you lower the residue, eliminate contamination, help you lower your carbon footprint, and a lot more!