Fluid-Bag Food Packaging Concept

Food grade IBC - Savings and Product Safety

Fluid-Bag is a flexible intermediate bulk container for the transport of liquid and semi-solid products in the food industry. The containers are successfully used by major international players for fruit and vegetable preparations, berry concentrates, bakery fillings and dairy products.Flexi Multi smaller

Fluid-Bag FLEXI is a one-way solution and Fluid-Bag MULTI is intended for frequent transportation.

For natural and healthy food products

The movement towards more natural food products with fewer preservatives and sugar increases the need for clean, easy to handle food-grade container systems. Fluid-Bag is the natural answer to this challenge. The containers are produced in ISO 22000 certified facilities and can be irradiated to the necessary hygiene level.

The Fluid-Bags can be equipped with a 2 inch valve (DN50-DIN11851) suitable for steam sterilization in accordance with current food industry standards.


Waste less food with Fluid-Bag containers

Our flexible containers can be squeezed and therefore enable a more efficient discharge process, with close to zero product residue left in the container. This means that food ingredient and food product users can avoid unnecessary waste in their process and make the most of every drop of product.

Less waste with high product quality throughout the supply chain

The closed packaging system with excellent barrier foils minimizes the risk for product waste due to quality problems. The containers remain sealed from filling to discharge and prevent any risk of contamination from oxygen, bacteria or particles. The single-use inner container significantly reduces cleaning costs. Together with easy handling and efficient transports, the Fluid-Bag container system brings considerable efficiency and quality benefits and contributes to a more efficient use of liquid food products.

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