Flint Group Printing Ink

Long distance transports of printing ink

Customer: Flint Group
Product: Fluid-Bag Flexi

Flint Group, Australia imports printing inks from both Europe and North America. Back in 2008 Flint Group commenced transitioning from tanks which were emptied into totes.

Today printing inks are imported in Fluid-Bag containers sent directly from the supplier in Europe and North America to customers in Australia.

  • “Flint Group changed over to Fluid-Bags to save one step in the logistics chain”, says Paul Lamberti, Business Director - ANZ.

One of Flint’s customers based in Melbourne, is a large printing company producing catalogues and direct mail pieces. After tests they were pleased with the new logistics system and asked for supplies in Fluid-Bags. To minimise residue it was decided to install discharge rollers for which Fluid-Bag designed a rail system with mobile discharge rollers on top of the mother tanks. The first installation was ready in December 2008. Thanks to the rail system only one discharge roller is needed for a set of four mother tanks and three discharge rollers for a set of eight mother tanks.

Both the Flint Group and its customers have gained added value from Fluid–Bag’s global logistics system.

Read more about the Fluid-Bag rail system for printing inks.

More information about the Flint Group: www.flintgrp.com



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