Solutions for ink handling in Fluid-Bags

Fluid-Bag ink platform
A typical set-up for offset ink handling with Fluid-Bag in a printing house usually includes:

  • Fluid-Bag Flexi with a central 4” outlet or a 3" side outlet pipe
  • Semi-automatic Discharge Roller(s)
  • Rail system or a surrounding platform above mother tanks / a pump to empty and pump the ink from the Fluid-Bag directly to an intermediate tank or to the press. 

The Fluid-Bag FLEXI is a one-way container which eliminates return freights for transports over long distances. The easy to use system ensures a clean ink room.

Pumping ink to an intermediate tank or to the press

Set-up option 1) Discharge Roller semi-automatic together with a suitable pump

In this case, the Fluid-Bag container needs to have a 3-inch side outlet pipe. Normal pumps for offset ink can be used, piston pumps and diaphragm pumps being the most common. The Semi-Automatic Discharge Roller and the pump ensure that the ink residue levels are as low as possible (down to 0.5% residue).

Fluid-Bag Ink pump Bulldog
Discharge Roller semi-automatic with a Bulldog pump.

Discharge Roller emptying Fluid-Bag
The rollers help to clean out all the ink from the inside of the inner container. Click on the image to see an animation of how the Discharge Roller works.

Emptying the Fluid-Bag directly into mother tanks

In this case the Fluid-Bag containers and the Discharge Rollers are positioned directly on top of the mother tanks.

Set-up option 2 a) Discharge Rollers on rail system for flexibility

Fluid-Bag has developed a construction that enables one or more Discharge Rollers to be used to supply multiple mother tanks in a printing house. The idea is to have a movable Discharge Roller on top of the mother tanks. The Discharge Roller moves on rails, hence it is known as a rail system.Fluid-Bag rail system for printing ink

Set-up option 2b) Platform with stationary Discharge Rollers above mother tanks

In this case, one Discharge Roller is placed above each tank. This enables the user to discharge more than one Fluid-Bag at a time.Fluid-Bag ink platform

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