Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many Fluid-Bags can I fit into a 20 / 40 ft container?
Filled Fluid-Bags: 20 pc (900 l, stacked in 2 layers) Fluid-Bags in a 20 ft container and 20 pc (1000 l, 1 layer) in a 40 ft container.
Empty Fluid-Bags are shipped efficiently packed, and depending on the model we can fit from 75 to 100 complete Fluid-Bag units in a 20 ft container and from 180 to 200 in a 40 ft container.

Q: Will the bag be strong enough for my needs?
The bag is the strongest flexible container on the market. It can take a direct hit by a fork lift truck without puncturing. It is tested and approved for transport by road, rail and sea. Every single inner bag is pressurised and tested for leakage. The Fluid-Bag can even perform better than a rigid container in many cases thanks to the flexibility. Visit this section and watch our test videos.

Q: Can the bags be stacked?
The Flexi container (single trip unit) can be double stacked in a warehouse or in a 20ft container (900 l version). The Multi container can be triple stacked in ta warehouse.

Q: What do I do with the Fluid-Bag after use?
The pallet can be used for wood recycling or incinerated for energy. The transport bag is clean polypropylene and can be sent for material recirculation or incineration. The only waste is the inner bag which weighs about 4-5 kg plus the product residue inside. This component is usually sent for energy production.

Q: What kind of pump can I use?
If you want to pump your offset ink out of the bag, instead of gravity discharging into a mother tank, then you should use a 3 inch outlet pipe. The pump must be able to pull the ink out of the outlet pipe so it must be able to create a sufficient suction effect (for example a piston pump, diaphragm pump or a progressive cavity pump). The adaptor between the pipe and the pump is also crucial: it must be airtight, so it doesn't destroy the suction.

Q: How do I connect the pump to the bag?
As explained in the previous answer, the adaptor is very important. Which adaptor you use is entirely dependent on the pump. Fluid-Bag can supply the adaptor, and our experts will advise which one is right for you. To be able to give you the correct advice we need information about the pump you intend to use.

Q: What is needed to operate the Discharge Roller?

The Discharge Roller is operated with compressed air. The capacity requirement for compressed air is a minimum 6.5 bars / 95 PSI and 200 l / min.