Turnkey set-ups and typical Fluid-Bag solutions

Our technical teams are experts on the handling of liquids, semi-solids and high-viscous products in Fluid-Bags

An important step in a partnership between Fluid-Bag and a client is to evaluate what benefits and cost savings the Fluid-Bag system can bring to the operations of the customer and end user.

We have acquired a long experience in handling liquid products in Fluid-Bags, and have developed several off-the-shelf Fluid-Bag solutions that can quickly and easily be adapted to and implemented into customer sites.


At the Fluid-Bag Technology Centre in Jakobstad, Finland, we have suitable testing and training facilities for developing new customized solutions.

For new challenges, our technical teams support you in finding the right turnkey solutions. We will:

• evaluate your current set-up for liquid handling
• plan how to improve your liquid handling using Fluid-Bag technology
• suggest a solution to solve your challenges, including Fluid-Bag container, equipment, pumps and other necessary accessories
• simulate real life conditions and test our suggested Fluid-Bag solution
• assist you during implementation and set-up until everything is running smoothly.

If you need help to evaluate which solution would work best in your case, and in general if Fluid-Bag is a good container option for you, our Fluid-Bag experts are happy to help.

You can also contact us via e-mail for more information: