Wacker Silicones, from bag to cartridge

Wacker Silicones and Fluid-Bag

Customer: Wacker Chemie AG Burghausen, Germany

Website: www.wacker.com
End user: Packagers of silicone in cartridges.
Product: Fluid-Bag FLEXI, Filling Station and Discharge Roller.

WACKER is a globally active company with a well-balanced mix of chemical and semiconductor operations, as well as promising new business fields with good profitability prospects.

The company’s diverse activities are organized within four independently operating business divisions: WACKER SILTRONIC, WACKER SILICONES, WACKER SPECIALTIES and WACKER CERAMICS. They hold technology leadership positions in many markets and collaborate closely with customers to provide tailored solutions for tomorrow.

WACKER SILICONES is one of the world’s leading silane and silicone producers. Thanks to its global presence, WACKER SILICONES is a valuable partner for customers. The business division is based in Munich, Germany.

Wacker cartridge packing line with Fluid-Bag system

Wacker cartridge packing line with Fluid-Bag container system.

A long history together with Fluid-Bag

In 1999 WACKER SILICONES made a comprehensive study to locate the most efficient method for silicone distribution to packagers world-wide. WACKER SILICONES identified the Fluid-Bag Flexi one-way container as the safest and most economical system but also recognised a need for certain modifications to meet their particular needs, especially in relation to discharge. Development WACKER SILICONES specified the criteria both for the container and the discharge system.

Development work started at the beginning of 2000 and after full-scale tests early 2001 the system was launched mid the same year. Application WACKER SILICONES supplies packaging companies globally with silicone packed in Fluid-Bags. These companies use an automatic Discharge Roller which is connected via a pump to the cartridge filling lines. Advantages WACKER SILICONES supplies from a central production plant to packaging companies around the world.

Thanks to the Fluid-Bag Flexi one-way system they achieve a favourable payload and avoid return freight. The residual is low at approximately 0.5 %. Filling, handling and discharging is automated, keeping costs to a minimum.

Sometimes it’s not only the contents that count

That’s why WACKER also develops innovative packaging for its products, including ELASTOSIL® silicone sealants. Thanks to Fluid-Bags, transporting and processing these sealants in bulk is almost as easy as using the handy cartridges later on.

A few twists and turns suffice to seal every joint accurately and permanently – in sanitary applications just as in window and facade sealing, and irrespective of whether you are working with glass, plastics or tiles. Innovative silicone sealants in handy cartridges or foil packs facilitate expert jointing. Easy to use on the job, WACKER’s ELASTOSIL® silicone sealants are now easily handled in bulk, too, thanks to our Fluid-Bag system.

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