What makes Fluid-Bag your best choice?

How much product residue is left in your containers after discharge?

No need to go through time consuming manual processes to get your viscous product out of your containers. Fluid-Bag offers different types of equipment and set-ups for easy discharge of anything from sticky pastes to almost solid resins.

We help you obtain the best possible results with a remarkably low waste percentage. In many types of traditional rigid containers, the residue left is around 10%, while residue in a Fluid-Bag is as low as 0.5%. With Fluid-Bag, you can stop throwing away perfectly usable material.

A quick calculation shows considerable savings: let's imagine that your product costs 5 euros/litre. With rigid containers, you could be wasting 50 out of every 1000 litres. But with Fluid-Bag, that wastage drops to as little as 5 litres per 1000. Congratulations! You have just reduced costs by 250 € for every 1000 litres. On a yearly basis, this can become a very significant saving!

Do you know how much is left in your containers, and how much you could save if you switch to Fluid-Bag?

Bag squeezed in DR 1

Bag squeezed in DR 2

Bag squeezed in DR 3