What makes Fluid-Bag your best choice?

Want to save space at your production site? In need of smarter logistics?

At Fluid-Bag we understand the value of saving space at your plant. Rigid containers take up a lot of room that you could be using to increase your productivity.

Speed up and simplify your logistics process with the lightest and most flexible solution on the market.

A container of 1000 litres is much faster and more efficient in terms of warehous truck movements than a drum of only 200 litres.

The Fluid-Bags arrive at the liquid supplier neatly packed in boxes and piles. And they take up a minimum amount of warehouse space: in only 2.5 square meters, you can store 20 000 litres worth of Fluid-Bag containers.

The end user does not need to take up space keeping empty, dirty containers around, but can easily dispose of the containers.

Have you ever calculated how much warehouse space your bulk packaging uses? Or how much you could save on smarter in-house logistics?

Contact our experts and we will help you find the best container solution for your needs.


Less required space

save trips

containers in truck efficiency

FB vs. others in truck logistics

Less parking space needed



Reasons to choose Fluid Bag

Download infographic: Reasons to choose Fluid-Bag (pdf)