What makes Fluid-Bag your best choice?

Want to eliminate expensive return freights and cleaning of rigid containers?

Don’t spend your resources on expensive and inefficient return freights. Costly, time consuming cleaning and maintenance of rigid steel or plastic containers can be a thing of the past.

Fluid-Bag is a hassle-free solution that makes your life easier. The single-use, disposable inner container is always new and clean. The FLEXI container is completely disposable, while the MULTI container includes a disposable inner container and reuses the outer pallet and transport bag. 

With Fluid-Bag you always have containers ready to use on stock. Save money and protect the environment by using less water and detergent. Reduce costs and pollution caused by return transportations of empty containers.

How has your company solved the issue of empty return freights? What are your thoughts on the problem of not having clean containers on hand?

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Reasons to choose Fluid Bag

Download infographic: Reasons to choose Fluid-Bag (pdf)