What makes Fluid-Bag your best choice?

Do you worry about contamination? Fluid-Bag test procedure

At Fluid-Bag we guarantee the safety of your products from start to end. Each and every inner container is individually tested before dispatch to the customer. 

The protective barriers of the Fluid-Bag inner container ensure that your product characteristics and quality remain unaltered from filling to discharge.

A closed system during the whole supply chain Fluid-Bag closed system

There is no need to open the container and let air in at any stage in the process, which means your product travels safely from point A to point B. Since the Fluid-Bag is flexible, it simply collapses when you discharge, you don’t have to let air in to keep the product flowing out, as you must with all rigid container systems.

Manufacturing plant with hygiene level for food and pharmaceutical products

Our containers are manufactured in hygienic ISO 22000 certified plants with HACCP safety measures, ensuring that the containers are suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Do you experience any quality issues with your current containers? How does your company ensure product safety and protection from start to finish?

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Reasons to choose Fluid Bag

Download infographic: Reasons to choose Fluid-Bag (pdf)