Reference cases, bulk grease in Fluid-Bags

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To mention a few, Engen Petroleum uses Fluid-Bags for grease transportation to remote mining sites in Africa. ExxonMobil presents Fluid-Bag as their GOLD system. Portec Rail uses Fluid-Bags for rail curve grease, Finnish steel manufacturer Ruukki feeds their centralized lubrication system from Fluid-Bags using Discharge Rollers. Rollax Kugellagerfabrik in Germany uses Fluid-Bags to discharge grease in their manufacturing of strut bearings.

Fluid-Bag is the alternative to grease drums, grease totes and grease bins

Fluid Bag vs Drums of Grease

Fluid-Bag FLEXI and MULTI containers are an efficient alternative to drums of grease, grease bins and grease totes for storage and transportation of lubricants and greases to mining sites and steel plants and other places where grease is used in bulk quantities.

Fluid-Bag containers enable a simpler grease supply chain compared to use of grease drums and grease bins

Expensive transportation is a major issue that Fluid-Bag FLEXI has solved for several of our customers. Transportation of grease drums and other rigid grease containers is often challenging due to long distances or limited infrastructure. The disposable Fluid-Bag FLEXI makes return transportation unnecessary, storage and maintenance costs for grease drums and grease totes are also eliminated. Or if you use Fluid-Bag MULTI, the return transport becomes 7-10 times more efficient compared to a typical grease bin.

Fluid-Bag closed container system
Clean industrial lubricants in Fluid-Bags

In dusty and challenging environments there is always a risk of dirt or particles contaminating the greases or lubricants stored in grease drums. Temperature fluctuations might create condensation in metal grease drums for lubricants and greases, causing rust. Sometimes breathing might occur, causing further liquid contamination. Rust and water deteriorate the quality of the grease, reducing the life cycle of machines and vehicles. Fluid-Bag avoids these problems altogether, thanks to the closed container system with a flexible fabric that shrinks and swells with temperature changes.

Since the Fluid-Bag container is flexible, there is no need to let air inside during the discharging process. The inner bag simply collapses as the lubricant is discharged. When using grease drums, you must always open the lid to be able to apply a drum pump and follower plate.

The concept of Fluid-Bag means you use a new inner bag every time, also for the returnable Fluid-Bag Multi. The new, clean inner bag eliminates the risk of having remains of old grease, dried grease, particle contamination or even residuals from washing in the container. These remains can be a challenge when using gease bins or grease totes, which are generally simply topped up again for the next trip.

Lower residue than in grease drumsSemi-automatic Discharge Roller emptying Fluid-Bag grease container

Due to the unique flexibility of the Fluid-Bag container, grease residue is reduced to a minimum since the container can be stretched and squeezed so the discharge is complete.

With bulk grease products, the residue level is as low as 0.5% when discharged in conjunction with Fluid-Bag handling equipment. When using grease bins, totes or drums the residue is around 5%.

With Fluid-Bag you will have 4 to 10 times less grease residue than in typical 200 litre drums of grease:

• residue using FLUID-BAGs: 5-10 kg/1000 l
• residue using 200 litre grease drums: 20-50 kg/1000 l

(Tests performed with NLGI 3 grease)




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