Portec Rail

Efficient handling of rail curve greases in Fluid-Bags

               Portec rail reference case2

Portec Rail Products Inc. together with Fluid-Bag Ltd. have developed a unique system for discharging rail curve greases distributed in Fluid-Bags.

The equipment offers efficient handling and discharging and together with the single-trip Fluid-Bag containers the system is a major break-through for rail curve grease distribution in North America. Fluid-Bag Ltd. thanks the Portec Rail Products Inc. team for their great work and interest in the Fluid-Bag.

“We are excited about this system because it improves the distribution process and operational efficiencies while streamlining the logistics of bulk grease delivery and reducing shipping cost. But it wouldn’t be possible without the ingenious Fluid-Bag”, says Bruce Wise, Portec Rail, Vice President – General Manager.

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