Petron Corporation

Fluid-Bag used as a packaging option as flexible bags provide advantages over the traditional packages used to distribute lubricants

A single Fluid-Bag holds the equivalent of more than 5 drums of Petron’s lubricants. The flexible bag is sealed at Petron’s facility and does not need to be vented when using the lubricant, eliminating the possibility of water or other contamination at the point of use. Fluid-Bags are able to be visibly inspected to ensure they are empty.

Residual levels in Fluid-Bags run as low as 0.5%. When emptied, the Fluid-Bag can be easily disposed of, eliminating the costs and efforts of dealing with drums or bin tanks. Significant savings can be appreciated in freight costs by not shipping bin tanks back for refilling.

Petron Corporation uses Fluid-Bags for delivery of grease to fixed locations such as centralized lubricant rooms. “Fluid-Bags provide an economical alternative to other packaging options”, says James Bittner, Director of Operations.

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