Ruukki Raahe Steel Works

Grease supplies to Rautaruukki steel works in Fluid-Bags

Ruukki steel work ID 18286The Finnish Rautaruukki corporation manufactures metal-based components and integrated systems for the construction and engineering industries under the Ruukki marketing name.

Ruukki Raahe steel works specializes in hot rolled plates and strip. Raahe steel works uses lubricating grease, which is dispensed through Fluid-Bag discharging stations.

Fluid-Bag has proven unbeatable as a grease package due to the high level of purity provided. Raahe steel works has used Fluid-Bags for over 20 years. Avoidance of contamination in the lubricants has resulted in a significant reduction in greasing. Complex, environmentally detrimental return transportation of empty containers have been eliminated.

Fluid-Bag containers consist of a small amount of readily disposable components. Together with minimal grease residue after discharge there is little material in need of disposal. Empty Fluid-Bags, including any residual grease, are sent to an incinerating plant for energy recovery.

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