Fluid-Bag Transfer Station for two component adhesives

Fluid-Bag Transfer Station for two component adhesives 

The solution includes: Fluid-Bag Transfer Station for 2 component adhesives

  • Fluid-Bag MULTI, 4" outlet pipe
  • Automatic Discharge Rollers
  • Mobile platform
  • Progressive cavity pumps

Stop unnecessary product waste

This system is made for transferring high-viscous material into mixing machines, mother tanks, or directly into the production process. The machine can be used for one component materials as well as for two component materials – typically sealants and adhesives.

The machine, in combination with Fluid-Bags, allows for a very efficient and effective use of your material. The rest material in the bag is less than 1% for materials with very high viscosity (1 000 000 cP). The machine can be easily integrated into your existing production.

The machine consists of two Automatic Discharge Rollers with two progressive cavity pumps. The material transfer from the machine is achieved through two swivel arms, for easy and fast connection to your existing machinery and processes.

You can easily calculate if Fluid-Bag gives you added value

Average residue in a 200 litre drum can easily be about 10kg, or even more in some cases. One Fluid-Bag contains the same as five drums. The average residue in a Fluid-Bag is less than 10kg.

Waste in drums: 5 X 10kg = 50kg
Waste in Fluid-Bag: 1 x 10kg = 10kg

Stop throwing away the difference!

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