Solutions and set-ups for the pharmaceutical industry

Typical set-up for the handling of ointments and lotions in Fluid-Bag

With this set-up, Fluid-Bag containers are used as an in-house container for intermediate storage of pharmaceutical or cosmetic skin care products. The customer stores the product temporarily in the Fluid-Bag and can perform necessary quality controls etc. The Fluid-Bag can then be discharged directly to a tube filling line or similar.

Easy use and implementation for filling lines

The Fluid-Bag is discharged with the help of a Fluid-Bag Discharge Roller Automatic. This ensures that our customers achieve the lowest possible residue levels in the Fluid-Bag containers and are able to cut out as much product waste as possible.

As the product is discharged from the Fluid-Bag, a pump is used for feeding the tube filling machine. The product is stored in a hopper in the tube filling line. The hopper automatically sends a signal to the Discharge Roller and the pump, so maintaining the correct product level in the hopper. 

Less waste, more efficiency

Our customers find this system easy to implement and use in their facilites. The cost savings through reduced product waste are substantial, which contributes to a better overall efficiency and stronger competitiveness.

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