Solutions for Lubes and Greases in Fluid-Bags

Typical set-ups for handling of greases and oils in Fluid-Bag containers

Fluid-Bag IBCs can be used for greases, oils, coolants and other liquid and semi-solid products. Our packaging is an alternative to using grease hoppers, grease drums, totes or bins. 

On the following pages we present typical Fluid-Bag set-ups for users of lubricating grease and oil. Different types of equipment are usually used for grease and oils, due to the difference in viscosity.

These solutions are introduced to show you how a more flexible container option such as Fluid-Bag can increas your productivity, cost effectiviveness and logistics in comparison to grease hoppers and grease drums, which are frequently used for grease products. A flexible container will give several advantages such as lower grease residue levels, better cleanliness, smarter logistics and a smaller carbon footprint.

Fluid-Bag Grease Set-up

A Fluid-Bag container can be connected directly to a central lubricating system, to a grease gun at a point of maintenance or anywhere you need to apply the grease. A Fluid-Bag with a 3 inch discharge pipe, combined with a Discharge Roller and a suitable grease pump, guarantees efficient, clean grease handling and very low residue levels, even of NLGI III grease.

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Grease picture

Fluid-Bag for Lubricating Oils

Fluid-Bag containers with 2 inch discharge pipes are suitable for lubricating oils. In the case of an oil, which is more liquid, it is enough to stretch the bag during discharge to reach very low residue levels. The oil is always kept clean thanks to the closed container system.

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 Lube oil, for transportation in Fluid-Bag containers

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