Lubricating Oils in Fluid-Bag

A typical set-up for oil handling with Fluid-Bag

A Fluid-Bag can be connected directly to a central lubricating system or to a point of maintenance.

Example of a typical set-up:

The customers of the oil manufacturer need some sort of discharge equipment and a pump. In most cases existing oil pumps can be used.

Which discharge equipment to use depends on the product. In the case of an oil, it is enough to stretch the bag for discharge. The equipment can be a device operated with compressed air, or in the simplest form a counterweight system to stretch the bag. The amount of lubrication usage and whether it has to be discharged to a maintenance point or a central lubrication system, will influence the choice of the most suitable equipment to meet the users’ needs.

In short, when the oil filled bag arrives at the maintenance point, the pump is connected with an adaptor (from Fluid-Bag) the bag hooked up to the stretching device. After which discharge is ready to start.

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