Solutions for ink handling in Fluid-Bags

A typical set-up for offset ink handling with Fluid-Bag in a printing house

  • Fluid-Bag Flexi with a central 4” outlet 
  • Semi-automatic Discharge Roller
  • Rail system

The Fluid-Bag can be emptied directly into mother tanks

Fluid-Bags filled with printing inks are emptied using Semi-Automatic Discharge Rollers that ensure the ink residue levels are as low as possible. The Fluid-Bag and the Discharge Rollers are positioned directly on top of the mother tanks.

Fluid-Bag has developed a construction that enables one or more Discharge Rollers to be used to supply multiple mother tanks in a printing house. The idea is to have a movable Discharge Roller on top of the mother tanks. The Discharge Roller moves on rails, hence it is known as a rail system.