Fluid-Bag in the Automotive Industry

Liquid sound deadening, LASD (liquid appliead sound deadening), cavity waxes, coatings, sealants and similar products are well protected in our flexible containers.

Fluid-Bag Automatic Discharge Rollers empty the containers efficiently and are directly connected to application robots along the production line, as the example below illustrates.

Fluid-Bag Automotive Set Up

In the case of a brownfield installation, Fluid-Bag containers and Discharge Rollers can be connected to existing steel totes, as shown on the image below:

Fluid Bag Automotive Brownfield set up 1 ID 37526

Fluid-Bag advantages in the automotive industry, compared to rigid containers

Reduce material consumption by implementing Fluid-Bag
You can use more of the material you purchase. With Fluid-Bag you will have a residue of 15 kg of LASD, Sealants or adhesives compared to 40-50 kg in a 1000 liter steel container.

Improve your logistics
After discharging the containers, you will only be left with a stack of seven empty Fluid-Bag pallets that contained 7000 liters. In comparison only one 1000 liter steel container takes up the same amount of space.

Reduce waste
You only pay for disposal of 15 kg compared to 40-50 kg.

Reduce change-over time
Fast, clean and easy to switch containers. No need for cleaning or changing of expensive O-rings.

Reduce cleaning
No need to clean containers anymore.

Improve quality
No large open surface exposed to air.

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To learn more about how to optimize liquid material usage and reduce costs, download our Whitepaper "The Silent Side of the Paintshop"

Fluid-Bag automotive set up