Fluid-Bag at FEICA Conference and EXPO 2022

Last week, more than 500 industry leaders joined the event to discuss trends, innovations, sustainability, and technological advancements. This year was special, since it is FEICA’s celebration of 50 years as an organization.

"A very positive event"

Christoffer Lampa, Sales Manager for Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings, visited the event together with the colleagues Henrik Kass and Peter Keim.

"FEICA 2022 was a very positive event for Fluid-Bag. We met with existing clients and had a very busy time discussing with new potential ones. The event was well organized with time both for insightful seminars, tabletop exhibition and networking. This year’s discussion and seminars was heavily leaning towards sustainability", says Christoffer Lampa.

Did Fluid-Bag's solution receive positive feedback?

"Our solutions garnered quite some interest and many curious discussions explored the advantages of switching to our proven concept. The fact that we can adapt to different scenarios and safely handle the customers product through various stages was well received", concludes Christoffer.

If you would like to know more about our solutions, please read more about the advantages of using Fluid-Bag. You can also contact us for a meeting or consultation.

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