Inefficient grease management - are you wasting time and money?

See a calculation from a production site that lowered their lubricant wastage costs with 2/3 after switching from grease drums to Fluid-Bags

This is what they obtained:

  • Money savings since they waste less grease
  • Time savings thanks to less container set-ups and grease transfer times
  • Labour cost savings

Fluid-Bag's flexible packaging can be squeezed like a tube of toothpaste, so you get all the grease out. You waste less grease and pay less for disposal.

A Fluid-Bag contains about 800 kg of grease instead of 180 kg in a drum. This translates to faster transfer times, fewer container changes, fewer working hours and less downtime.

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Fluid-Bag grease savings calculationClick here to download the Excel file, and try inserting your own numbers!

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