Fluid-Bag for Drilling & Oilfield Applications

Fluid-Bag for Drilling & Oilfield Applications

Space & storage benefits

Fluid-Bag is an easy and smart alternative for transporting liquid products onboard oil rigs or to other locations in the drilling and oilfield industry.

Space reduction is of essence, and it's worth considering that empty Fluid-Bags occupy only 20% of the space occupied by empty IBCs. Filled Fluid-Bags can be stored and transported outside with no risk of contamination. Fluid-Bags are also unaffected by long exposure to high or sub-zero temperatures, even when the stored fluid freezes.

Environmental benefits, a comparison between Fluid-Bags and traditional IBCs


  • No flush water or cleaning chemicals
  • 4,7 kg of plastic waste (recyclable)
  • Reusable pallet, life 15+ years


  • Consumes circa 200 l of water + cleaning agent
  • 60 kg plastic and metal
  • Generally only 1 trip

Contact us to receive a quick calculation of cost savings examples that can be obtained by using Fluid-Bag containers!

Fluid-Bag Solution for Drilling & Oilfield Applications

A Fluid-Bag MULTI container, combined with a portable Winding Device, ensures you'll have an easy to use and efficient container and discharge solution:

Fluid-Bag MULTI container, with 2 inch discharge pipe

MULTI 26 png transp. background

  • Minimise disposal costs up to 90%
  • Eliminate cleaning costs completely
  • Reduce storage space by up to 80%
  • Reduce return transport costs by up to 80%
  • Improve health & safety performance
  • Better environmental performance
  • Reduce management time handling empty packaging

Winding Device for Fluid-Bag Multi

  • Used for easy discharge of Fluid-Bag Multi containers
  • Minimal amount of residue left after discharge
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Cost effective discharge equipment

Winding Device for Fluid Bag Multi

The Winding Device Multi is used for easy and efficient discharge of liquids from Fluid-Bag Multi containers. 
The device does not require compressed air or electricity, and can easily be moved around.

The device is mounted on top of the container poles and is very easy to use. The operator simply attaches the device to the top inlet of the Fluid-Bag inner container and winds the wheel to create tension. The tension stretches the inner container at the end of the discharge procedure, ensuring complete discharge with very low residue levels. Winding Device Multi is a robust and cost-effective discharge solution made of electrogalvanized steel.

Watch this short video for an introduction on how to use the Winding Device:

For more information: Download product sheet or read more about disposable IBC totes and flexible IBCs.