X-Reel by Fluid-Bag

X-Reel is the latest generation of Fluid-Bag's discharge equipment. The machine is ideal for a wide range of industries, capable of handling both high and low viscosity materials.

Product Overview

Let's take a look at how the X-Reel works and the benefits of using it for discharging Fluid-Bag FLEXI and/or Fluid-Bag MULTI.


X-Reel operates using a winding mechanism that extracts the liquid from the inner bag through stretching and rolling force.

The force enables efficient pumping by generating a slight overpressure, allowing for the handling of more viscous materials, faster discharge rates, and reduced residue levels.


Use & Safety

Ease of use and safety are of utmost importance in the design of the X-Reel. With its two-door solution, the machine ensures restricted access to moving parts while in operation, providing a good working environment.

Operating the X-Reel is effortlessly simple, thanks to its intuitive control panel. The inclusion of transparent windows not only guarantees high visibility but also enhances safety by allowing users to monitor the operation.

Integrated lifting pockets have been incorporated into the unit to facilitate convenient portability. Additionally, dedicated lashing points are provided to securely attach the unit to a flatbed truck or fasten it during transportation.

X Reel by Fluid Bag


The X-Reel has been designed with a focus on minimizing air consumption, making it cost-effective to use. When the machine is in the operational state but at rest, it consumes no air.

When utilizing the X-Reel, the residue can be as minimal as 0.5-1.0 %, depending on the liquid type, temperature, and the duration required to empty the container.

"X-Reel is a great alternative for many industries handling liquids and semi-solids, such as adhesives, sealants, coatings, cosmetics, food, ink, lubes, greases, pharmaceuticals and more. It is also an ideal solution for those looking to upgrade their current discharge equipment", says Martin Koivusalo, Research & Development Engineer at Fluid-Bag.

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