What makes Fluid-Bag your best choice?

Flexi 2 inch with stacking frame web res png ID 2Are you tired of empty bulky containers that take up a lot of space, containers that leave large amounts of residue, cost a lot to wash, or are simply not airtight? So were our customers, before they found us.

On this page, you can read more about common reasons for changing from a traditional container solution to a new one like Fluid-Bag.

Discover how Fluid-Bag can be the perfect solution for you!

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"Since 2007, four fully automatic Discharge roller units have been supplying sound dampening materials to the vehicle manufacturing lines. The materials are delivered in Fluid-Bag MULTI containers" - Toyota Manufacturing UK


"We are using Fluid-Bags as quarantine containers for our ointments, but also for internal transport between production, store room and packing department. The flexible, closed, sterile and durable Fluid-Bag container offers us both product safety and good economy." - Bayer HealthCare, GP Grenzach Produktions GmbH

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"For 15 years, Purbond has been using Fluid-Bag MULTI and Fluid-Bag FLEXI for their high end 1-component PUR adhesive for delivery to customers. Today Purbond delivers their adhesives to the whole world." - Loctite Purbond

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"Any company engaged in the production, packaging and distribution of viscous fluids will want to take a closer look at how the Fluid-Bag system will benefit you and your customers." - ExxonMobil

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"Printing inks are imported in Fluid-Bag containers sent directly from the supplier in Europe and North America to customers in Australia. Flint Group changed over to Fluid-Bags to save one step in the logistics chain." - Flint Group


Intro: The Fluid-Bag concept

Our idea is to provide a more effective solution than rigid IBC’s, plastic totes, steel drums or barrels, for handling and transporting different types of liquid.

The core product to approach this is a flexible intermediate bulk container (named Fluid-Bag FLEXI). In other words, it is a giant bag that contains 1000 liters of liquid. However, it’s not just “a bag”…

Our Fluid-Bags’ are used in lots of different industries, for example to handle lubes, greaseink, sealants, coatings and adhesives, but also for food, cosmeticspharmaceuticals, toothpaste and many more.

The solution is proven, since 1984.


Reasons for switching to Fluid-Bag

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for why we think you should consider our Fluid-Bag solution, instead of IBC’s, rigid totes, steel drums, bag in boxes or other traditional options.

By the way, our Fluid Bag FLEXI is the preferred one-way option for long transports, and the Fluid-Bag MULTI is used mainly for internal transportation (or re-using).

Shortcut: Fill in this form with what your product is and what you want to improve/achieve, and our team will reach out.


1. Lower residue

Do you face challenges when handling or discharging high-viscous, semi-solids or other types of difficult products?

Because of the exceptionally strong and flexible characteristics of the Fluid-Bag inner bag, it is possible to stretch and squeeze the bag “until the last drop” – literally.

Residue in a flexible 1000-liter container from Fluid-Bag can be as low as 0.5-1.0%, even with the toughest products. This is a result of stretching the bag and, when necessary, rolling of the inner container with the best discharge equipment.

This effectiveness means that you avoid unnecessary waste in your manufacturing process and can make the most of every drop of product.

Contact our team here and we will help you calculate your potential savings with Fluid-Bag.

Example calculation: Let's imagine that your product costs 5 USD or EUR per liter. With rigid containers, you could be wasting 50 out of every 1000 liters. But with Fluid-Bag, that wastage can drop to as little as 5 liters per 1000. Congratulations! You have just reduced costs by 250 € for every 1000 liters. On a yearly basis, this can become a very significant saving.

2. Reduced carbon footprint

Does your company have a target for sustainability, maybe a goal to reduce your carbon emissions by a fixed percent?

Then you might consider switching your current container solution to Fluid-Bag.

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By choosing the right suppliers, you can reduce the value chain’s emissions (Scoop 3) and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Fluid-Bag's products consists of very little plastic, and have a low carbon footprint according to the studies. If you would like to know the numbers, please contact us here and we are happy to share the third-party study made on both Fluid-Bag FLEXI (wooden pallet) and Fluid-Bag MULTI (steel pallet).

3. Eliminate contamination

Do you have a problem with contamination, or maybe you position your product as “high-quality”, and will ensure it actually is?

Fluid-Bag is a closed container system. And since the bag is flexible, there is no need to let air into the container, so you avoid the risk of particle, bacterial or moisture contamination.

The protective barriers of the Fluid-Bag inner container ensure that your product characteristics and quality remain unaltered from filling to discharge.

Also, it is worth mentioning that our bags are manufactured in hygienic ISO 22000 certified plants, with HACCP safety measures. This means that you can use our bags even in the food and pharmaceutical industries (which, among other, Bayer does).

Are you tired of listening to us, promoting our own products? Well, get inspired by Petro-Canada Lubricants and their many years of using Fluid-Bag flexible bulk containers: Ensure the highest product quality (YouTube)

If contamination is something you want to avoid, please describe your current situation and what you want to achieve in this contact form.

4. No washing or re-conditioning needed

Do you spend a lot of time (and money) washing or re-conditioning your current containers?

With Fluid-Bag, costly and time-consuming cleaning and maintenance of rigid steel or plastic containers can be a thing of the past.

Especially the Fluid-Bag FLEXI is an excellent option if this is your major problem, since the FLEXI is disposable and requires minimal handling after use (and before, but we get to that in a moment).

From a worker’s perspective, there is with the Fluid-Bag system no need to go through time consuming manual processes to get your viscous product out of your containers. Simply use the efficient discharging equipment that suites your product, and the working environment, best.

Contact us here if you want to stop washing (or throwing) away perfectly usable material. We have lots of customers who once had the same challenges as you.

5. More free storage space

Do you want to save space at your production site, or in general need smarter internal logistics?

At Fluid-Bag we understand the value of saving space at your plant. And as both you and we know, empty rigid containers take up a lot of room, that you instead could use to increase your productivity.

The liquid supplier, meaning you who fill the containers and sell the products inside, receive neatly packed Fluid-Bags in boxes and piles. In only 2.5 square meters, you can store 20 000 liters worth of Fluid-Bag containers.

Think about how many rigid containers (or steel drums) you need for 20 000 liters, and how much space they occupy, before or after use…

But that’s not all.

The end-user, meaning you who want to use the product inside of the containers, does not need to take up space keeping empty, dirty containers around – if you use Fluid-Bag.

Also, a container of 1000 liters is much faster and more efficient in terms of warehouse truck movements than a drum of only 200 liters. Sometimes size matters.

If you want to speed up and simplify your logistic process with the lightest and most flexible IBC solution on the market, contact our experts here.

6. No return transportation

Do you want to eliminate expensive return freights and unnecessary shipping?

As we mentioned earlier on, costly, time consuming cleaning and maintenance of rigid steel or plastic containers can be a thing of the past.

And don’t spend your resources on expensive and inefficient return freights. Instead, reduce costs and pollution caused by mass-transportations of empty containers.

"Flint Group changed over to Fluid-Bags to save one step in the logistics chain." -  Flint Group

Fluid-Bag is a hassle-free solution designed to make your processes easier and more efficient. Together with you, we create the perfect combination for filling, transporting, handling, and discharging your products.

The Fluid-Bag FLEXI is completely disposable, while the Fluid-Bag MULTI includes a disposable inner container and reuses the outer pallet and transport bag.

With Fluid-Bag, you always have the markets best flexible IBC containers ready to use on stock.

Interested in challenging your current containers?

If you are curious and would like to know more about the Fluid-Bag concept, please contact us with your request and get more information.

Leave a message or email solutions@fluid-bag.com and we are happy to assist.


Download our Ebook: Get familiar with the Fluid-Bag concept

Fill in the form to download our e-book, as a start to something new!

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About Fluid-Bag Ltd

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Fluid-Bag Ltd is a Finnish company that manufactures flexible industrial bulk packaging solutions for liquids and semi-solids.

Our head office and main production is located in Jakobstad, Finland, but we also have offices in the US and in Thailand, as well as international distributors and agents all over the world.

What we do

We study our customers’ applications carefully so that we can deliver complete systems and services for handling and transporting many kinds of liquids.

Put simply, Fluid-Bag ensures that your products are handled in the safest, most cost effective and ecological way possible throughout the production chain to the final end user.

Established in many different industries

Fluid-Bag’s container solutions are successfully used by major international players for products such as fruit preparations, bakery fillings, grease, lubricants, inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and adhesives as well as many other liquids and semi-solids.

Take a look at our different segments here: Industries for Fluid-Bag