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Fluid-Bag is a unique container solution for the bulk handling of liquid, semi-solid and high-viscosity products. Fill in the form below to download our "Fluid-Bag in brief" guide.

As a flexible and lightweight alternative to the rigid and bulky IBC tanks, Fluid-Bag has a number of advantages that set it apart from other liquid transportation options:

  • Lower residue (minimize your waste)
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Eliminate contamination
  • Skip expensive washing costs
  • Gain more storage space, and/or
  • Avoid return transportation of empty bulky containers

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Toyota Manufacturing UK Logo

"Since 2007, four fully automatic Discharge roller units have been supplying sound dampening materials to the vehicle manufacturing lines. The materials are delivered in Fluid-Bag MULTI containers" - Toyota Manufacturing UK


"We are using Fluid-Bags as quarantine containers for our ointments, but also for internal transport between production, store room and packing department. The flexible, closed, sterile and durable Fluid-Bag container offers us both product safety and good economy." - Bayer HealthCare, GP Grenzach Produktions GmbH

loctite logo

"For 15 years, Purbond has been using Fluid-Bag MULTI and Fluid-Bag FLEXI for their high end 1-component PUR adhesive for delivery to customers. Today Purbond delivers their adhesives to the whole world." - Loctite Purbond

exxon download

"Any company engaged in the production, packaging and distribution of viscous fluids will want to take a closer look at how the Fluid-Bag system will benefit you and your customers." - ExxonMobil

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"Printing inks are imported in Fluid-Bag containers sent directly from the supplier in Europe and North America to customers in Australia. Flint Group changed over to Fluid-Bags to save one step in the logistics chain." - Flint Group


The Fluid-Bag concept in brief

Our idea is to provide a more effective solution than rigid IBC’s, plastic totes, steel drums or barrels, for handling and transporting different types of liquid.

The core product to approach this is a flexible intermediate bulk container (named Fluid-Bag FLEXI). In other words, it is a giant bag that contains 1000 liters of liquid. However, it’s not just “a bag”…

Our Fluid-Bags’ are used in lots of different industries, for example to handle lubes, grease, ink, sealants, coatings and adhesives, but also for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toothpaste and many more.

The solution is proven, since 1984.


What’s included?

A Fluid-Bag container consists of:

  • a disposable inner container
  • a strong, reusable outer bag
  • a pallet and pole framework for mounting the bag.

There are two mounting options available:

  • a reusable steel pallet with steel poles (Fluid-Bag MULTI) or
  • a disposable wooden pallet with wooden poles plus a frame for stacking (Fluid-Bag FLEXI).

While the reusable Fluid-Bag MULTI can be dismantled and stacked for efficient return transportation when empty, Fluid-Bag FLEXI is a one-way container that is easy to dispose of, letting you avoid return transportation altogether.

We also provide filling solutions, as well as discharge equipment.

Read more about Fluid-Bag's flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers:

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Fluid-Bag FLEXI

The one-way IBC container with a wooden pallet. 

Multi png transparent no margins 

Fluid-Bag MULTI

Multi-trip IBC tank with a reusable steel pallet and transport bag.


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