Fluid-Bag at Car Body Painting

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The leading European network of automotive engineers will meet in Bad Nauheim November 5-6 to discuss the very latest developments and forthcoming challenges for surface treatment in car manufacturing.

This 35th edition has a particularly interesting theme: Ecology vs. Costs: Between technical feasibility and economic viability. The conference will among other things take a look at which systems and process materials that will support OEMs on their journey to creating a future-proof paint shop. The conference is aimed at paint shop managers/planners, related division and department managers or project leaders at automotive manufacturers, as well as Tier1 and Tier2 suppliers or service providers. Read more about the conference on www.automotive-circle.com/Conferences/Car-Body-Painting-2018

Fluid-Bag solutions contribute to a more efficient paint shop

At the conference we are particularly focusing on solutions for handling liquid sound deadening, rust protection waxes and coatings in the automotive industry. You can meet us and discuss more at table 2.

Download our latest whitepaper "The Silent Side of the Paint Shop" or read more about Fluid-Bag automotive solutions here: www.fluid-bag.com/automotive.

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