Solution for Bakery Fillings

Efficient use of bakery fillings in Fluid-Bags Bakery cakes JPG ID 10321 cropped

Typical equipment used:

  • Fluid-Bag MULTI with 3" discharge pipe
  • Semi-automatic Discharge Roller


Less waste, no cleaning

Fillings for the bakery and patisserie industries can easily be handled in Fluid-Bag containers. In this case, a Fluid-Bag MULTI container with a 3 inch discharge pipe is used, to make sure that the flow of the viscous fillings is sufficient.

In combination with a Fluid-Bag semi-automatic Discharge Roller, which stretches the bag to facilitiate discharge and helps to clean out the inner liner, the amount of fillings left in the container is minimal, down to 1%.

The inner container of the Fluid-Bag MULTI is single-use. Therefore no container cleaning is necessary, which means the Fluid-Bag user saves time, cleaning costs and also reduces the use of water and detergents.


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