Fluid-Bag containers for road marking paint

Fluid-Bag is a frequently used solution for easy application of road marking paint.

Flexible containers filled with road marking paint can either be connected directly to the paint guns on a truck, or refilled into smaller packages if necessary.

Fresh road marking paint without any skinning

A Fluid-Bag container maintains the quality of the paint the whole season. There is no need to open the container during the process, and the excellent barrier properties make sure that no air or moisture gets in touch with the paint.

As a result, the paint can be stored for a longer period and there is still no risk for skinning that might block the paint guns.

The Fluid-Bag container can also be used half full, without risk for skinning.

No extra waste due to insufficient discharge

The discharge procedure of a Fluid-Bag is easier than most other solutions. It is very efficient, as low as 0,5% residue. Product loss due to insufficient discharge is minimized and the utility grade of the paint is as high as possible.

Easy handling with the stable, stackable and disposable Fluid-Bag

Stacking of full containers is no problem, even though road marking paint is usually quite heavy (about 1.6 kg/l). The Fluid-Bag is still stable enough for stacking the containers 3 high (Multi containers).

When empty, the single-use Fluid-Bag is disposable and takes up very little space.


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Fluid Bag painting Oslo airport

Trysil Maskin and Fluid-Bag, road marking Oslo Airport. Trysil Maskin AS is a Norwegian manufacurer of high quality road marking equipment, read more on www.trysil-maskin.no

Fluid-Bag Multi 2 inch

Fluid-Bag MULTI with 2 inch outlet used for road marking paint

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