The new method for grease discharge


How to Make a Groundbreaking Innovation

The innovation process and the brain behind the machine

Can you please make an automatic sealed discharger for the mining industry?

Yes, sir.

And so we did.

We were very aware of the gap in the market for sturdy dischargers suitable for the heavy-duty industries because we received requests from different clients from time to time to start innovating a new product to fill this gap.

About two years ago, when one of our largest clients repeated the request, we decided to give it our best shot. As a result, our first ground-breaking and patent-pending TAU XTRACTORS are now on the market.

May we introduce the magnificent TAU XTRACTOR?

Yes, please.
Can you give us all the details as well?

This magnificent discharger is specifically developed for heavy-duty environments where dirt and dust are everywhere, and weather conditions change rapidly. When all you need is a sealed and sturdy machine to keep out all the dirty particles, this machine is your new best friend.

We didn't only aim for a sealed machine in metal encasement, but also something easy to use. So our challenge was to find an automatic discharger solution as well. That was easier said than done, but after about 100 different tests and validations, we now present you with the world’s first automatic discharger solution of its kind.

There aren’t that many different ways to empty a bag: shake it, roll it, or twist it. We had to test which way would work best for automatically emptying medium and high viscosity products out of a Fluid-Bag. We finally settled for a method that presses, twists and stretches the inner bag at the same time, all the while gripping the bag without wrecking it. We are talking about applying intense power levels to the Fluid-Bag.

The TAU XTRACTOR has an extremely low air consumption with an automatic integrated pneumatic pump control that requires no electricity. It is enclosed in a protective cage, which protects it from unauthorized access during operation, prevents damage to internal components and shields it from the elements. The whole unit is interlocked for safe usage and is treated with a high-grade, low-gloss textured paint, which minimizes the amount of dirt and dust that will adhere to the machine. The unit also includes an integrated spill tray to contain small spills.

Tau Xtractor closed

TAU XTRACTOR seen from the outside

 Tau Xtractor open

The inner bag is stretched and squeezed at the same time

Close-up of the Tau Xtractor squeezing a bag

The inner bag is stretched and squeezed at the same time

Meet the Brain Behind It

The inventor of the sealed automatic discharger is R&D Engineer Henry Segerstam, who has a long work history in product development. Always up for a challenge, he spent thousands of hours on developing and testing the TAU XTRACTOR.

”Product development is simultaneously the most difficult and rewarding activity on earth. There is nothing like solving a problem by providing a real function. The development process almost kills you, but on the other hand, it’s the process and not the end result that exhilarates me. I am very proud of the end result, and I am especially fond of the underlying methods and principles that makes discharging with the TAU XTRACTOR unique. The usable lifespan of any given technical solution is always finite. Whereas the methods and principles are not, they will develop, grow, adapt and continue to live on", explains R&D Engineer Henry Segerstam.

The Fluid-Bag Team

We consider ourselves to be an agile, innovative local company serving the global market. We aim to be an employer that takes good care of its employees and gives them freedom to work independently and solve challenging problems for our clients worldwide.

“I wear five different hats: I am an agricultural entrepreneur, a plumber, a mechanical engineer, a HVAC engineer and currently, an R&D engineer. We have a great team that welcomes all kinds of expertise. The most important things we look for in employees are an open mind and passion for machine technology and processes. I love this workplace, and I think that the day you personally stop developing, is the day you die. I always want to move forward and learn new things. In my own opinion, curiosity is not what killed the cat. It is in essence what has kept it alive for so long.”

R&D Engineer Henry Segerstam

Henry Segerstam, R&D Engineer