Fluid-Bag Partner Days 2022, thank you all!

This week we welcomed our agents and distributors from all over the world to our headquarters in Jakobstad, Finland. We had three days full of interesting discussions, workshops, technical training, and more!

Sustainability was one of our main themes throughout the Fluid-Bag Partner Days as we as a company have a big responsibility and key role in making the future's logistics solutions more efficient.

The topic was discussed in theory and practice, including our products' contribution to a reduced carbon footprint, both for users and end users.Fluid-Bag Partner Days 2022, introduction

Practical training, and the latest news from Fluid-Bag

We also dedicated one whole day for practical training in our equipment; different filling solutions and discharging solutions.

Through lectures and discussions, we all shared information about the latest news (and upcoming product launches). And last, but not least, the workshops focused on sales and marketing, with many different insights and perspectives for our different target groups and expert areas.


Thank you to all our representatives

You came from almost the whole world – from Brazil and USA in the West to China in the East, with many parts of Europe in between – and it was all of you who helped make the Fluid-Bag Partner Days a success.

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