Beyond Food: Why Cleanliness Matters

Think for yourself, you put your heart and soul into producing something "100% good", but when the product reaches the customer, suddenly only a fraction of the quality remains. What a waste!

Or if you are an end-user, who buys products in bulk and, for example, sells to consumers, and you profile yourself as a premium brand, surely you want maximum product quality in what you sell to your customers?

In short, when the customer's demands increase, so do the demands on the suppliers.

Because if a product is manufactured with high precision, then the highest priority should be that the quality in use is as high as it is from the factory, right?

This is something that we at Fluid-Bag have been working with for almost 40 years. We manufacture a flexible IBC bag, niched for bulk transport and handling of liquids.

Our experience is that especially premium brands care about product quality throughout the entire supply chain, so let's tell you more about how we work on this aspect.

To start, did you know that our flexible IBCs are manufactured in ISO 22000-certified plants with strict HACCP safety measures?

The Fluid-Bags (900 or 1000L) remain sealed from filling to discharge and prevent any risk of contamination from oxygen, bacteria, or particles. Barrier foils eliminate the risk of product waste due to quality problems.

This is one of the advantages customers mention when comparing us to their old, traditional solutions (rigid IBCs, steel drums, totes etc). Our bags are a quality solution for transporting liquid and semi-solid products across various industries.

In the food industry, our containers are trusted by major international players in fruit and vegetable preparations, berry concentrates, bakery fillings, and dairy products.

But it's not only the food industry that benefits from completely clean and certified bulk packaging.

Of course, our customers in pharmaceuticals, healthcare and cosmetics prioritize a completely sealed container system, but have you thought that cleanliness is also important in the lubrication industry?

Food-graded lubricants are used for meat, poultry and other food processing equipment, applications, and plants. If a producer wants to bring its product into a classified factory, the right certification is a must.

At Fluid-Bag, we are proud to work with brands who want to keep their products' quality high during the whole value chain, including handling and transport.

Are you one of those?

Discover why Fluid-Bag is the better choice for highlighting your product quality. With decades of success stories and industry expertise, we're happy to help you find a modern and sustainable solution for your liquid handling.

Email us at solutions@fluid-bag.com or Book a meeting. Our team of experts is ready to assist you!

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