Fluid-Bag's Environmental Policy

Fluid-Bag is ISO 14001 certified. Our environmental policy covers all operations of the company, i.e. development, manufacturing and sales of flexible liquid handling systems and services.

Fluid-Bag strives to offer its customers the most environmentally friendly IBC-system for liquid products 

As a step in this direction Fluid-Bag has studied the impact of the company’s production and other activities on the environment but also the impact of the use of the company’s container system. Based on a life-cycle inventory the relevant and most important environmental aspects of the impact of the products on environment are evaluated: 

  • container material
  • environmental impact of freights
  • disposal of containers and recycling of components
  • plastic waste from the own production process
  • travelling
  • energy consumption

For these areas, Fluid-Bag has set environmental targets and improvement programs, through which the company continuously shall reduce the impact on the environment.

The objectives and results shall systematically be documented and reported to company management, personnel, suppliers and, when necessary, be available to the public.

Fluid-Bag commits to follow applicable legislation and regulations regarding environmental matters as well as the Responsible Care Program.