Fluid-Bag is a member of Solving Group

Fluid-Bag has been a part of Solving Group since 1987. Solving has played an important part in Fluid-Bag's company history and especially in the development of Fluid-Bag's production machinery, as well as Fluid-Bag's filling and discharge equipment. 

Experts on liquid and heavy load logistics

Fluid-Bag focuses on packaging and equipment for handling liquid and semi-solid products, while Solving designs and manufactures heavy load handling systems. Solving and Fluid-Bag are experts on logistics in their own fields, but have several customer segments in common. Together the Group offers a broad expertise in the handling and transportation of challenging loads and liquids. Today and in the future Solving and Fluid-Bag will be working more closely together in terms of technical support and sales, striving to offer complete logistic systems to the Group's customers and end users.

Solving specialises in the design and manufacture of heavy load handling systems

The products range from simple hand-controlled devices to highly sophisticated automated handling systems using both air bearings and wheels. Solving's material handling systems can be designed to cover almost any load, regardless of size, weight or movement frequency. 

Solving products

Solving AGV Movers are designed for continuous industrial operation, for moving heavy loads long distances and serving automated production processes. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are used for heavy load handling such as paper rolls, steel coils and in motor assembly lines.

Solving’s customised wheeled Movers are especially suited for heavy load handling. Wheeled Movers are used for indoor- and outdoor transports of heavy loads in production facilities and on offshore plants.

Solving air film Movers are designed for handling very heavy loads, i.e. up to a thousand tonnes or more and are generally customised to suit customer’s requirements. Air Film Movers are used for transporting heavy and bulky loads such as diesel engines, transformers, locomotives and fuselages. 

Solving Group consists of Ab Solving Oy and it's subsidaries Solving Sweden Ab, Solving Ltd (UK), Solving Italia S.r.l. (Italy) and Solving GmbH (Germany) as well as Fluid-Bag Ltd and its subsidiaries Fluid-Bag LLC (USA) and Fluid-Bag Asia (Thailand).

Read more about Solving and their products on www.solving.com 

Solving AGV paper industry

Solving AGV Movers

Solving boeing on wheeled truck

Solving’s wheeled Mover

Solving transformer on air cushion

Solving air film Mover, transporting transformers