The beginnings of the Fluid-Bag

Fluid-Bag history test picture

Monitoring the Fluid-Bag test procedure in the 1990's

Fluid-Bag Karvikshallen old look

Former Fluid-Bag production facilities in the 1990s

 Fluid-Bag Karvikshallen new facade

Fluid-Bag's renewed factory and façade in 2016

Pioneers in flexible packaging

In early 1970, the founders of Fluid-Bag saw the need for the development of a lightweight flexible container for the storage and transportation of liquid and semi-solid products. Their idea came about during a business trip, where they witnessed the bulk transportation used to ship orange juice concentrate from South America to Europe.

For the Fluid-Bag visionaries it was clear that the world needed a closed system that would ensure the quality of products from start to finish.

They conducted several projects, trials and tests with the aim of creating a strong and efficient container to sustain industrial quantities of liquids, and Fluid-Bag officially started its operations in 1984. Fluid-Bag was a lone player, bringing about not only the creation of a unique product, but also pioneering a standard for testing flexible containers for liquids.

The mid-1980s brought significant changes to Fluid-Bag: in 1985, the company was the biggest news at the Scanpack Fair in Gothenburg, Sweden, and won the De Zilveren Noot and WorldStar awards for packaging. This represented the first step towards a steady internationalisation process that continues to this day.

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