Fluid-Bag exhibited at the NLGI Annual Meeting 2024

Henrik Kass and John Robinson recently participated in the NLGI 91st Annual Meeting from June 10-13, 2024, at the La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio, TX.

We were present as both visitors and tabletop exhibitors, engaging with industry leaders and contributing to key discussions.

A glimpse of Tesla's work

One highlight was a presentation by Dr. Wenyang Zhang from Tesla on “Tesla’s Cutting-Edge Methods for Greases and Fluids in Electric Vehicles (EVs).”

Dr. Zhang explained Tesla’s approach to EV lubricants, their integration into vehicle hardware, and strategies for enhancing EV greases. He also stressed the importance of collaboration among OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, and the grease industry in developing next-generation high-performance EV greases.

WIGIN Panel Discussion

We also attended the WIGIN Panel Discussion, “Diverse Journeys, Unified Impact: Personal Pathways to Success Within the Grease Industry.”

This session featured panelists with over 100 years of combined experience sharing their professional journeys and offering significant insights.

At the Technical Symposium, various working groups provided updates on industry tests and specifications, including HPM and GC-LB. Contributions from the ELGI/NLGI joint working groups on Food Grade, Bio-Based, and Grease Particle initiatives were also discussed.

Manufacturers’ Council Panel

The Manufacturers’ Council Panel covered important topics like HPM, GC-LB, and findings from the Grease Production Survey. This session provided a great platform for exchanging ideas and staying informed about trends and challenges in grease manufacturing.

Once again, our participation in the NLGI Annual Meeting was a valuable experience, offering opportunities to learn, network, and share knowledge with both new and existing customers.

We thank all the speakers, panelists, and attendees for making this event informative and engaging. We look forward to using these insights to enhance our products and services and continue collaborating with industry partners to drive innovation in the lubricating grease market.

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