Fluid-Bag exhibited at the FEICA Expo 2023

FEICA Conference & Expo 2023 centered around the theme 'Industry Innovation for Sustainable Development,' with a strong emphasis on topics such as Circular Economy and Carbon Footprint Reduction.


"This was my first time participating and representing Fluid-Bag at the FEICA Conference and Expo and my first impression was very positive. The attendees were many and the conference brought a lot of opportunities to mingle with different companies", says Solange Nylund, Account Manager.

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, the choice of bulk packaging plays an important role in improving the supply chain and the company's various "Scoop".

With an efficient container solution, the amount of product material that would otherwise have to be thrown away is reduced. Water consumption for washing bulky containers, as well as unnecessary return transports, can also be eliminated.

Product quality - from manufacturer to end-user

Another reason why the adhesives and sealants industry likes our Fluid-Bag concept is related to product quality.

Solange Nylund describes:

"One of the Fluid-Bag advantages visitors at the conference liked was that our Fluid-Bag container always keep the product safe from contamination. Some asked specifically if the contents can be 'stirred' once the bag is full, and was happy to hear that we also have a solution for that."

Last, we would like to thank the FEICA Conference & Expo Team, and all you curious delegates who visited us during these days!

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