Fluid-Bag attended Silicone Expo USA 2023

Even though our Fluid-Bag containers can handle all kinds of liquids, there’s something special with industries that use and produce demanding, semisolid materials. Therefore, we recently exhibited at the Silicone Expo USA in Detroit.

Silicone Expo US Patrick Mats MichaelSilicone is a type of material made from siloxane, commonly employed in the production of lubricants and synthetic rubber. Its key features include excellent heat resistance, water repellency, and biological inertness.

The industry is truly multifaceted, with users and producers involved in various industries.

Applied extensively across construction, transportation, electronics, textiles, personal care, and pharmaceuticals, silicone serves diverse sectors including industrial, electronic, machinery, aerospace, and medical.

The growing silicone market

The surging demand for silicone in various industries is anticipated to drive market growth.

Notably, silicone sealants, adhesives, and coatings play pivotal roles in construction, while the electronics sector benefits from silicone's exceptional thermal stability and resistance to weathering, ozone, moisture, and UV radiation.

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